Eager to build your own Android apps but starting from square one? Look no further! After achieving a successful download ratio of PHP tutorials, I am excited to share a valuable resource of Android app development tutorials for beginners — my collected content from a YouTube playlist (thenewboston) that I frequently used for learning Android app development. If you’re a beginner and want to learn the basics of Android app development, you’ve landed on the right page. This collection of video tutorials is your key to unlocking the exciting world of Android app development. With a whopping 2.5GB and 77 videos covering every essential step, this resource will guide you from a simple “Hello World” to creating professional apps that enrich users’ lives.

Master Android App Development From Scratch: Free Video Tutorials for Beginners (2.5GB)

These video tutorials for Android app development contain basic start-up videos like an introduction to Android apps, the working environment which will be the Android studio, the development phase, and goes on to professional programming touch which will enable you to work with game development for androidlike LibGDX Game Development, LibGDX Game Project Structure,  LibGDX Displaying Text,  LibGDX Displaying Images,  LibGDX Game Animation, LibGDX Handling User Input, then dealing with camera and finally ending up with LibGDX Sound Effects and Streaming Music.

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Android App Development Tutorials using Android Studio For Beginners – 77 Videos

Learning Path for Android App Development:

  • Foundational Steps:
    • Demystifying Android Apps: Kickstart your journey with an introduction to the Android app ecosystem and its fundamentals.
    • Android Studio 101: Master the official development environment, Android Studio, with its powerful features like Apk Analyzer, Fast Emulator, and an intelligent code editor. Download the latest version from the official site: https://developer.android.com/.
    • Building Blocks: Grasp core programming concepts and syntax through practical video demonstrations.
  • Intermediate Level:
    • Crafting Functional Apps: Move beyond theory and build real-world applications, leveraging essential UI components and data management techniques.
    • Advanced Topics: Deepen your understanding with advanced concepts like networking, multithreading, and security best practices.
  • Bonus: Game Development with LibGDX:
    • Unlock Your Game Dev Potential: Explore the exciting realm of Android game development with LibGDX, a robust framework covered in dedicated tutorials. Learn game structure, text and image display, animation, user input handling, camera control, sound effects, and music streaming.

Now, let’s explore the features of Android Studio that make it an ideal environment for Android app development.

The tutorials leverage Android Studio, a platform that streamlines the Android app development process with features such as Apk Analyzer, Fast Emulator, Intelligent Code Editor, Flexible Build System, Real-time Profilers, and much more. For a comprehensive overview of these features, visit their official site: Developers. Android. Ensure you download the latest version of Android Studio from their official site.

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Source Code and Resources:

To complement your learning, Bucky provided source codes for all projects used in the tutorials. You can access them through the following links.

Download all the Android App Development tutorials pack here

Don’t miss out on this valuable resource! Download the entire video tutorials pack from the download link below and embark on your Android app development journey.

Download Android App Development Tutorials for Beginners

The videos included in this tutorial pack are not my own; all credit goes to the talented creator who crafted these informative and helpful resources. I highly recommend visiting and subscribing to the channel mentioned in the videos to show appreciation and support for the creator’s hard work. If possible, consider supporting the creator in any way you can. Together, let’s celebrate and encourage the development of valuable content in the online learning community.