Do you encounter offensive or harmful content on Facebook that you want to report, but find the manual process tedious and time-consuming? Look no further than Facebook Auto Reporter, a Chrome extension designed to automate the reporting experience and empower you to contribute to a healthier online environment.

What is Facebook Auto Reporter?

It’s an automated reporting tool specifically built for tackling problematic content on Facebook. Whether you stumble upon offensive accounts, groups, or pages spreading hate speech, misinformation, or other violations of Facebook’s Community Standards, this intuitive extension simplifies the reporting process significantly with the use of Facebook short reporting links.

Key Features & Functionality:

  • Built-in Safeguards: Accidental or malicious misuse is prevented through integrated security checks. Rest assured that your reporting activities remain responsible and aligned with Facebook’s guidelines.
  • Effortless Automation: Say goodbye to repetitive manual clicks and submissions. Facebook Auto Reporter takes over the reporting tasks, automatically generating and submitting reports based on the information you provide.
  • Multitasking Efficiency: With Persistent Mode, you can seamlessly work in other tabs while reports are submitted in the background. This ensures uninterrupted workflow and maximizes your productivity.
  • Batch Reporting Power: Don’t let multiple problematic encounters overwhelm you. Report on several accounts, groups, or pages simultaneously, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • Community Collaboration: Contribute to collective efforts against harmful content. Utilize server-loaded links to report pre-identified problematic accounts, groups, or pages, leveraging the power of community awareness.

How to use FAR for Reporting Facebook Accounts, Groups, and Pages

  1. Installation: Begin by downloading and installing the extension from GitHub or Mediafire.
  2. Gather/ Generate Short Reporting Links: These links can be obtained by using the short report link generator tab in the tool or can be generated through this method –> How to create a Facebook short reporting link.
  3. Initiate Reporting: Open the extension, paste your generated short reporting links into the designated field, and click “Start Reporting.”
  4. Stay Informed: Visual notifications keep you updated on the progress of each report, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

To begin using Facebook Auto Reporter, you can easily acquire it from the links given in the download section. Once added to your browser, you’re ready to proceed with the reporting process. The tool’s operation is straightforward. To report using Facebook Auto Reporter (FAR), you’ll need Facebook direct report links, which are essentially the same short reporting links utilized in the testing video.

Before you commence reporting using v1 (Freemium), ensure you’re logged into your Facebook account, as reports will be generated from the logged-in account within the browser. FAR v2 (Premium) includes the ability to use multiple accounts, enhancing the extension’s functionality.

Two reporting modes available with Facebook Auto Reporter

  • Simple Reporting (Use Case 1): In this scenario, users engage the reporter for straightforward reporting tasks. By providing their short reporting links and clicking “Start Reporting,” the tool automates the reporting process until all listed links have been addressed. Users cannot interact with the browser during this process, ensuring uninterrupted reporting.
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  • Persistent Mode (Use Case 2): This Mode maintains the simplicity of reporting but offers additional flexibility in browser interaction. Before initiating reporting, users activate “Start Persistent Mode,” opening a new pop-up within the extension. With this mode enabled, users can continue working in the same window or even open new tabs without interrupting the reporting process. However, it’s crucial not to close the original tab where the reporter was started. Visual notifications will indicate the progress of reporting, ensuring users remain informed throughout.
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By following these steps and understanding the reporting modes, users can effectively utilize Facebook Auto Reporter to streamline the reporting process on Facebook.

Important Notes & Responsibility

  • It’s crucial to understand that Facebook Auto Reporter automates the report submission process, not the blocking of accounts. Facebook ultimately reviews all submitted reports and takes appropriate action based on their findings.
  • Responsible and ethical use is paramount. Always adhere to Facebook’s Community Standards when reporting content, ensuring that your actions align with their terms of service and promote a positive online environment.
  • The tool serves as an educational and supportive tool, automating the manual reporting process undertaken by groups and pages committed to eliminating offensive, hate speech, and fake accounts within the Facebook community. Therefore, users should not mistake it for a hacking tool that automatically reports and blocks accounts. Rather, it functions as an auto-bot tool designed to streamline the manual reporting process using Facebook direct report links. This clarification ensures users understand its intended purpose and use it responsibly to contribute to a safer online environment on Facebook.

Facebook Auto Reporter v2 — Multiple Accounts Reporting Tool

I’ll recommend to click above link for complete details, license info and safe using guide of the FAR.

Join the Fight for a Safer Online Space:

By actively reporting problematic content and leveraging tools like Facebook Auto Reporter responsibly, you contribute significantly to making the online sphere safer and more positive for everyone. Remember, collective action has immense power – report every encounter with harmful content and consider utilizing server-loaded links to address community-identified issues.

Help Remove Harmful Content:

  • Report problematic accounts, groups, or pages you encounter.
  • Consider utilizing PCD server-loaded links for community-identified issues.
    • Facebook Auto Reporter offers the unique capability to load reporting links from the PCD server, making it an invaluable tool for community reporters and helpers dedicated to purging Facebook of harmful content. By simply adding the extension to your Chrome browser and accessing it, you can click on ‘Load Links From Server.’ This action automatically retrieves all links submitted by the PCD to your reporter, enabling seamless reporting.

Download Facebook Auto Reporter & Resources

How to report on facebook (Accounts/Groups/Pages) using Facebook Auto Reporter

By using Facebook Auto Reporter responsibly, you can contribute to a safer and more positive online environment. Together, we can create a cleaner and more positive online environment for all.