Hey there, Tigerz! It’s been a while since the last update on the Facebook toolkit. Despite several attempts at updating it, there were persistent issues, particularly with the claim as group admin Facebook script. However, with the latest update to Toolkit for Facebook 4.1.7, I’ve made significant changes to the script, resolving the problem. Now, you’ll need to do a bit of manual work to claim groups without any admin on Facebook.

Claim Facebook Groups Without Admin Using Toolkit for Facebook

So, in this blog post, I’ll provide a comprehensive method on how to claim groups without admin on Facebook using Toolkit for Facebook. You’ll learn how to effectively use the claim as a group admin tool. But before diving straight in, let’s go over some requirements and key points you need to understand to ensure success.

How Claim as Group Admin Works

The claim as group admin tool aims to secure groups that lack an admin or moderator. It streamlines the process users typically undertake manually by attempting to claim groups as admins. However, it’s essential to note that even manual attempts sometimes fail due to certain groups being unclaimable. Therefore, if the tool can’t claim a group, manual claiming won’t work either. Simply put, run the claim as group admin tool and let it do its job. If it retrieves groups for you, great! If not, refrain from commenting that it’s not working. The tool is fixed and operational; any issues with the Toolkit for Facebook will be addressed separately.

Key Considerations:

  • Accuracy: The tool might not identify all groups without admins accurately.
  • Safety: Use the tool responsibly and ethically. Always respect the group’s community and Facebook’s terms of service.
  • Success Rates: Don’t expect guaranteed success. Facebook’s security measures can prevent unauthorized claims.
  • Account Restrictions: Excessive attempts could lead to account restrictions. Use the tool cautiously.

Claim as Group Admin Script For Facebook – Tigerzplace

If you don’t want to use the tool, you can just use the script for a specific group using the above script for it.

Using TFF to claim Facebook groups without admin.

Now that you understand how the script works, let’s delve into its usage to claim groups without admin on Facebook. Firstly, download the latest Toolkit for Facebook from the provided links. If you’re new to this, watch the installation video for a proper understanding.

Download the Latest Toolkit for Facebook

Once installed, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the TFF extension icon in the top-right corner.
  2. A popup window will appear with TFF 4.1.7 tools.
  3. Search for “claim as group with no admin” and click start tool.
  4. Wait for the script to load all your groups in a new tab.
  5. Select the groups you want to claim and set an appropriate time interval between requests to avoid being banned.
  6. Before clicking submit, provide the fb_dtsg value in the designated input bar. You can find this value in Facebook’s source code: Click Here.
  7. After submitting, the claim as group admin tool will initiate the process of claiming adminship for the selected groups.


When using this tool, ensure you use appropriate delay time intervals between requests to avoid any issues. Additionally, adhere to the safety tips outlined in the related video (FAQs for TFF).

That wraps up the latest and updated version of Toolkit for Facebook, featuring a fixed claim as a group admin script. I hope you find this blog post helpful. For any confusion, refer to the accompanying video tutorial on claiming as group admin using TFF 4.1.7.

Claim groups without admin


Claiming adminship of Facebook groups without an admin can be helpful in certain situations. However, approach this method with caution, prioritize ethical considerations, and respect Facebook’s guidelines. Remember that alternative methods like direct communication might be more appropriate in many cases. By following these guidelines and using the tool responsibly, you can potentially manage groups effectively while adhering to ethical and legal boundaries.