Are you a fan of the Tekken series? If so, you’re probably familiar with the Tekken Tag Tournament. This game, the fourth installment in the series, introduced a new feature that changed the gameplay of Tekken: the tag system. This system allows you to select two characters and switch between them during the fight, creating new possibilities for combos and strategies. Tekken Tag Tournament also boasts a huge roster of 40 characters, all returning from previous Tekken games, except for Unknown, the final boss, and Tetsujin, a metallic version of Mokujin.

Originally designed for the arcade, Tekken Tag Tournament was subsequently ported to the PlayStation 2 in the year 2000. However, if you want to play this game on your PC, you will need an emulator. An emulator is software that mimics the functions of another device, such as a console, on your computer. In this guide, I will show you how to download Tekken Tag Tournament for PC for free.

Tekken Tag Tournament PC Game

Tekken Tag Tournament (additionally abridged as TTT) is the fourth game in the Tekken series and was recorded as the 23rd best diversion on the PS2 by IGN in the year 2007. It was the primary amusement to consolidate a few highlights, the most evident being the Tag System. The Tag system empowers a player to select two characters that constitute a tag team. The chosen characters can engage in battles against other tag teams, whether AI-controlled or controlled by another player in Versus Mode. It is anyway still conceivable to play 1-on-1 versus battles.

Tekken Tag Tournament also introduced a unique element called “endurance,” a factor that was not incorporated again in subsequent iterations. Furthermore, it made the premise of the Tekken 6 Rage System through the nearness of Netsu Power.

Tekken Tag Tournament includes 40 characters, which was the largest character roster for a Tekken game series before Tekken 6.

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Tekken Tag Tournament Characters

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Tekken Tag Tournament, being the primary Tekken title for the PlayStation 2, highlighted immensely definite designs and enhanced quality music. It was also notable for featuring the series’ most extensive character roster until the release of Tekken 6, boasting a lavish 40 characters, all reprised from previous installments. Tetsujin has just shown up in this game. At long last, its most critical element is its label framework. A player chooses two characters and may tag out between them to use uncommon combos and tosses. Characters can label out to recover energy, but if one character gets KO’d, it ends the round. In Team Battle mode, the battles assume a tag format unless a team is reduced to only one person, at which point the lone player engages in a solo fight.

Tekken Tag Tournament PC Game

Tekken Tag Tournament incorporated a minigame called “Tekken Bowl”, that tested the player to utilize a group of characters to play a knocking down some pins game. Depending on the player’s selected character, the small game would implement various properties. For instance, Bryan Fury exhibits formidable strength, contributing to a powerful move, and he can employ a targeting system for more accurate shots due to his digital enhancements. In contrast, a physically weaker character like Xiaoyu delivers less forceful strikes but offers easier control when determining the spin and power applied to the ball. Robust characters occasionally end up overshooting the lane when bowling at maximum strength, with the ball still attached.

Download Tekken Tag Tournament PC Game