Facebook Auto Reporter v2 (FAR2) can report multiple accounts/ groups or pages automatically on Facebook with a current logged account or with multiple accounts that you provide. In Facebook Auto Reporter v1 you were able to do the same reporting task with only one logged account, FAR2 is much better in the sense that you can use your own multiple accounts to carry out multiple reporting automatically. It’s even more improved to control the report timing and use it wisely to make it fast and safe.

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Facebook Auto Reporter v2

Facebook Auto Reporter v2 – by Tigerzplace

Before showing you how to install and use it, you need to know about the reporting process on Facebook first and how Facebook Auto Reporter can automate those reports. So for that, I’ll be listing the old method of Facebook Auto Reporter v1 to make you understand the flow of reporting and after that, I’ll show you how you can download Facebook Auto Reporter v2 and install it in your browser. But even before the method, I’d like to highlight the important stuff like the User’s Agreement and an important note to better understand the purpose of the tool and don’t consider it as an exploiting tool that will ban any account/ page or group you report. It’s not like that.

NOTE: This reporter (FAR2) doesn’t just report automatically on any account and block it. It’s an educational and helping tool that only automates manual reporting. The reporting can be carried out against groups/ pages or accounts that are offensive, trying to spread hate speech, and/ or fake accounts that are pretending to be someone else. So don’t get confused with the fact most users think that it might be some sort of hacking tool that just report automatically on accounts and block them. It’s a just-auto bot tool like you can say auto report bot for Facebook, which helps in automating the manual Facebook direct report link method. All reports are still checked by Facebook Team and you can’t just exploit the reporting system of Facebook using this tool.

As I said it automates the manual Direct Report Link method, so that’s the whole idea of how Facebook Auto Reporter v2 can help to report automatically using one account or multiple accounts. Now before jumping into FAR2 features and user agreement make sure you just get an idea about Direct Report Links. As old users know for reporting automatically on Facebook using Facebook Auto Reporter you will need Facebook direct report links (short reporting links). So you create a short report link by which users only need to visit that report link and just check (Submit to Facebook) and click submit. I already added Short Report Link Generator in Facebook Auto Reporter v2 which will make a direct report link for you in just two easy steps. If you still want to learn the actual method of how one can make a direct report link which is a kinda short reporting link, you check out my tutorial by clicking the link below.

How to make Direct Report Link on Facebook (Short Reporting Link Method)

User Agreement

I, the creator is not responsible for the use of the tool by users in any bad or abusive at all. I made this tool to get rid of accounts that are fake or even pages that are insulting, spreading hate speech, or making any threat to the country, person, or religion. So I am not responsible for other users’ actions using this tool. They can come up with some third-party technique and abuse the tools but For my part, after a lot of thought, I concluded that it is likely that *something* I worked on in *some* way may be used to harm someone else and I have no control over that. However, I made it in such a way as to prevent any bad use at all so all reports are still checked by Facebook Team. I’ll also make sure that in the future no one can use this tool which can lead to any abusive use. But still, I don’t have any control over the internet user so I am not fully responsible for any other use than the one I made this for. An extra note related to the privacy policy is that I am not getting additional info from FAR2 except that it also uses a script to like some of the Facebook pages which I kept online. So yeah it does load and use liking, if you don’t want to follow up on those pages you can unfollow them again.

You bear full responsibility for your actions and acknowledge that this software was created for educational purposes only. This software’s main purpose is NOT to be used maliciously or on reports of any accounts that don’t go against Facebook policy. Still, reports are checked by Facebook Team but you are responsible for your actions and use of this tool. By using this reporter, you automatically agree to the above.

What’s new in Facebook Auto Reporter v2?

ok so getting detail about the user’s agreement, let’s see what is new in FAR2. I’ll be listing all features of the reporter as it contains version 1 as well as version 2. So overall you can get a glance of what are the features and automation you get after installing Facebook Auto Reporter v2.


  1. Providing a manual input user interface.
  2. Controlling and checking reporting links.
  3. Wait for one minute after every 20 reports.
  4. Notification alerts for every action handling.
  5. Can report multiple links with security checks.
  6. Controlling the content and providing safe use.
  7. Providing browser action and persistent mode.
  8. Bot Feature for almost any account/page/group.
  9. Excluding all raw or damaged links to save time.

Update 1:  Reporting From Multiple Accounts – (1 Oct 2020)

With Facebook Auto Reporter v1 you were able to report on multiple accounts, groups, or pages on Facebook with the current logged accounts automatically.  Now in version 2, you will have advanced functionality using which you can report on multiple accounts using hundreds of Facebook accounts automatically. Even you can report on a single id with hundreds of Facebook accounts.  

PS: Hundreds of accounts don’t mean that I  am fetching all those accounts to help you to report on them.  You will have to provide those accounts, the reporter has new functionality to automatically do the login and logout for you and also do the reporting. So yeah that’s the point for multiple accounts. Users can now use many accounts to do the reporting automatically.

Update 2: Controlling and enhancing the reporting speed (5 Oct 2020)

In previous version 1, the Facebook Auto Reporter was using a kind of manual prediction algorithm to wait for another report. It is now more reliable and fast in version 2 because it is using a loading algorithm that will detect the action of the page event after which the reporter will decide whether to move on or to wait more to get done with the report completely, in this way it’s not static to wait exactly the same for every user which is very time-consuming right now as many users can have very high internet speed and the reporter will still wait for about 3 seconds for next report (which is additional 3 sec with 5 seconds already in the delay which makes it 8 seconds of total time for 1 report almost). So changing the algorithm will save much more time and the result will be more accurate and efficient. Additionally, it will control the waiting interval and will not use the same wait interval for all the report links, it keeps on changing accordingly to the number of reports done by FAR2.

You can watch the final test video of Facebook Auto Reporter v2 herehttps://www.facebook.com/tigerzplace/videos/810202683071819/

Additional Feature (From Version1)

You can also load reporting links from the PCD server if you are just a reporter for them or even a helper and want to help out the community to remove all the bad, offensive, and fake accounts, groups, or pages from Facebook. You only need to add the extension to your chrome browser and open it. Once loaded just click ‘Load Links From Server’ and it will automatically pick all the links submitted by the PCD to your reporter. Then just start reporting, and that’s it. The Reporter will start reporting on links one by one (Safely).

How to report on Facebook (Accounts/Groups/Pages) with

Facebook Auto Reporter v2

This is the section where you get a whole step-wise step tutorial of how to report on Facebook Accounts/ Groups or Pages using Facebook Auto Reporter v2. First thing first! you will need FAR2 to download it as it’s not listed on Chrome Store so you can’t just add it to the chrome browser directly. You will need to download FAR2 from any of the links given below.

Download: Facebook Auto Reporter v2

Click here: Alt Link, if the above link is not working for you.

  • Once you have downloaded the rar file (Facebook Auto Reporter v2 – by Tigerzplace.rar), the next thing is to extract the inner folder (FAR2) anywhere you want. 
  • The next step is to go to your browser extension tab. You can use this link: chrome://extensions to go directly or simply go from the drop-down menu of the browser and go to the Extensions tab.
  • After getting on the extensions tab, you need to switch the developer mode on so you can see 3 extra buttons on the left top bar. Where you have to click the button which says “Load Unpacked”.
  • As soon as you click that you will get a browse window where you have to select the FAR2 folder which you extracted after downloading. Just select that folder.
  • You will get the FAR2 icon on the top right corner of the browser, after loading it from the extensions tab using the unpacked extension button.

That’s how you will get the extension in your browser. Now before jumping into use you need to know the 2 different use cases of the reporter.

Use Case 1:  (Simple Reporting)

In case 1, one user can use the reporter for just simple reporting. In simple reporting, the users will provide their short reporting links and click “Start Reporting”. The reporter will perform automatic reporting until the last link in the list is provided by the user. Once reporting is completed the reporter will stop reporting and will notify the user with full reporting detail. But the user can’t interact with the browser during reporting at all. The reporter has to wait until the reporting ends. This mode is good if you are just reporting 1 or 2 links otherwise you should use persistent mode.

Simple Reporting Method

  1.      Visit Facebook.
  2.      Open FAR (The Extension).
  3.      Paste your short reporting links.
  4.      Click Start Reporting (Make sure the delay time is not less than 5).

Use Case 2:  (Persistent Mode)

Persistent Mode just changes the behavior of interaction with the browser, the rest cases are the same. As this case is simple reporting but in persistent mode, there is just one additional step to do in order to start simple reporting in persistent mode. Before clicking “Start Reporting” users have to click “Start Persistent Mode” this will open a new pop-up with the same extension. Now users can use the reporter for just simple reporting in persistent mode. The only difference in Persistent Mode is that if users want to do their work in the same window, so they can do whatever they want and the reporter will not stop if users change that tab with just only one condition. Just don’t mess with the open tab on which the reporter was started. Let’s say initially you started on tab 1 and the reporter started. Now you can open a new tab in the same window or can open a new chrome window and can work whatever you want just don’t close tab 1 and the reporter will automatically report all the links. It will also notify the user with a small badge on the icon of the extension in the right top corner.

Persistent Mode Reporting Method

  1.      Visit Facebook.
  2.      Open FAR (The Extension).
  3.      Click Start Persistent Mode.
  4.      Paste your short reporting links.
  5.      Click Start Reporting (Make sure delay time is not less than 5)

So in version 2, I’ll definitely recommend always using persistence mode as there will be a lot going on in sense of controlling so I bet you won’t wish to lose control of the window and get an incomplete result, so yeah make sure to click persistence mode button to get a new persistent window of the reporter (FAR2) after that you are free to use. 

NOTE: Make sure you are on the Facebook website so the reporter loads correctly otherwise it will give you a host error and terminates.

Using Facebook Auto Reporter v2 for Auto Reporting.

Ok now as everything is crystal clear, I’ll jump into the reporting method and how to use the reporter to report. The first thing you need to understand is that report needs a short reporting link in order to start reporting. You can’t just use a username, page link, or group link to start reporting on it. If you know how to make a short reporting link then you are good to go provide your own links in the report links text area and start reporting. But you will also need to provide reporting accounts as well in version 2 which I’ll be mentioning in detail below after the short reporting link method.

So as I was saying you need a short report link and not a direct username or URL. For a short report link, you just pick the userID, pageID, or GroupID and just tab to the Short Link Generator page which is the 3rd tab in Facebook Auto Reporter v2, there you will need to select the report type under account/ page or group section depending on your target reporter. For example, if I picked userId then I need to pick the report type from the account section like I can make a short report link saying it’s a fake profile. So I’ll provide the user id and under the account, section clicks the fake button. It will give me the short reporting link which is actually the direct report link.

If you want a detailed tutorial on how to make a short reporting link using Facebook Auto Reporter v2, for any account, group, page, or even for picture/ post then you must watch these videos on my playlist linked below.

Playlist: Facebook Report Methods Using FAR.

I hope you got the first requirement that is needed for FAR2 in order to use it. The next step is simple enough once you got all your short report links just paste them into the report links text area and click “Start Reporting”. This is in the version 1 tab.

How to Report using Multiple Accounts on Facebook with FAR2.

Now if you want to use version 2, you don’t have to click Start Reporting after providing short reporting links, as soon as you provide short report links you will get another “Load IDs” button, click that and select your IDs file which should be a text file or CSV file. OR you can manually provide your IDs by double-clicking the text area field and it will flip to another side where you can provide your username and password which will be used for reporting. You have to provide one detail in one line.

For Example:

  • username1,pass1
  • username2,pass2
  • username3,pass3

The file should also have login details in the above format if you want to load accounts from the file. You just save your accounts in CSV or txt file in the above format and every time you want to report you just load ids from that file. You can also email and password, in short, it needs login credentials whether you use username, pass | email, pass | userid, pass. It’s up to you how you want to provide the accounts. After providing both accounts and reporting links you just click start reporting, the reporter will use those account credentials to log in and report on all links that you have provided once completed. It will log in to another account and do the same reporting and this goes on until no further accounts are detected to log in. 

You will get all the logs for reported status and used accounts status for reporting in the text area. That’s how you can use this new version of the automatic reporting tool for Facebook. Hopefully, you got the points. But wait! you need to know about the user’s license as version 2 is not entirely free. You can still use the version 1 tab and report multiple accounts but with only a logged account. It can’t automatically use all the accounts you provide if you are using a free license. If you need to unlock that feature you will have to buy a license for it which costs $10 per user for one device. 

How to activate licenses?

For license activation, you can now use this URL (https://bit.ly/Buy-License-Tigerzplace) there fill out the form and leave the Tool name, license type, and extension id in the donation msg box. Once done with the form click donate to proceed with PayPal or Skrill (If you don’t have any payment method listed there, you can leave your message to get another payment method like cryptocurrency, bank transfer, Easypaisa, etc). After completing the payment your license will be activated once I check the payments usually I will activate it within 24 hours. Once your license is activated, you can go to your license tab and click “Check License” again, this time you will get a License activated msg.

How to buy a license for extensions by Tigerzplace

You can also get the extension id from the extension tab: chrome://extensions/.

Validity for license

The FAR new version of will has two types of licenses. 
  • 6 Months license ($10)
  • 12 Months license ($15)
NOTE: Don’t change the folder name of the tool from where you loaded your extension, once payment is done your license will be activated for that extension id which means your license will work on the same pc for multiple browsers. But if you try to install it on another device, it won’t work. Even if you delete your extension and install it again maybe from a different drive, in that case, the license will also not work. However, if you changed your pc and want to replace your current license with the new one, then you can provide your previous extension id and the new one. I’ll update the extension’s license for the new ID. Make sure to keep your extension id saved once you pay for your license. You can ask for an additional query on my Facebook page. fb.com/Tigerzplace or comment down below.

Facebook Auto Reporter v2 – Video Tutorial

How to report on Facebook (Accounts/Groups/Pages) using Facebook Auto Reporter v2



How long will the license work?

Currently, the FAR and onward versions of any tools will have two types of licenses. 

  • 6 Months license ($10)
  • 12 Months license ($15)

However, the prices are just for FAR. You will get different prices for different tools on the payment page.


Can I get a refund?
Once your license is activated and you don’t find the tool working or somehow don’t want to use it anymore. You can get a refund within 5 days otherwise you can’t get a refund for the tool. 
Why is my license not working on a new pc/ or even on the same pc after I re-installed it?
Don’t change the folder name of the tool from where you loaded your extension, once payment is done your license will be activated for that extension id which means your license will work on the same pc for multiple browsers. But if you try to install it on another device, it won’t work. Even if you deleted your extension and install it again maybe from a different drive, in that case, the license will also not work. However, if you changed your pc and want to replace your current license with the new one, then you can provide your previous extension id and the new one. I’ll update the extension license for the new ID. Make sure to keep your extension id saved once you pay for your license. You can ask for an additional query on my Facebook page. fb.com/Tigerzplace or comment down below.