As-salamu Alaikum, friends! It’s been a while since my last post, and that’s because my site was down. Upon its restoration, my initial plan was to cover the ‘Best WhatsApp Tricks and Secrets for Android.’ However, due to numerous requests asking how I unlocked my Facebook ID using FB photo verification, specifically bypassing Facebook Photo Verification, I decided to address this issue first.

Facebook Photo Verification

Unlocking a Facebook account through photo verification can be a challenge, but I’m here to share a legitimate and effective method using a VPN. This technique allows users to opt for alternative verification options such as phone verification or date of birth verification, which are often more convenient for account owners.

How I Unlocked My Facebook ID Using FB Photo Verification

First things first, we’ll need an IP/proxy changer. In this method, I’ll be using the HOLA extension for IP changing.

How you can unlock your Facebook ID, using my method:

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  1. First Install the Hola Proxy tool to your Browser. You can download it below
    • Download Hola for Firefox: CLICK HERE
    • Download Hola for Chrome: CLICK HERE
    • Note: If you can’t get the Hola extension, feel free to use another reliable proxy tool.
  2. Once the Hola extension is added to your browser, visit
  3. Open Hola and change your IP to JAPAN.
  4. After changing the IP to JAPAN, log in to your Facebook account (the one under Photo Verification Check).
  5. Logging in with and a JAPAN proxy will present different verification options.

Disable Seen Feature in Facebook Chat

Watch how I used the above method and unlocked my Facebook ID.

Bypass Facebook Photo Verification

I hope you find this method straightforward and effective. If you encounter any difficulties or have questions, please let me know in the comments section. Regain control of your Facebook account with our proven technique for bypassing photo verification.