Hey everyone, welcome back to another tutorial on Tigerzplace! Today, In this step-by-step guide, I’ll show you how to bind any files without file binder software. Most file binders online may be infected or result in unclean files. That’s why I’m sharing my private and straightforward method using WinRAR. Whether it’s binding an exe file with a text file, a jpg with a txt, or any combination of files, this method is versatile and easy to follow. This method is not only simple and clean, but also fully undetected (FUD), making it ideal for various purposes.

How to Bind Any Files Without File Binder Software

To bind any files without binder software (exe binder, exe file binder, or any file binder), you only will need one script and another Winrar to bind any files. For this blog article (tutorial) I am picking two files. So the first thing is that you will need one vbs script. Just open Notepad and paste the script into it. Then save it with run.vbs.

Why not use File Binder Software?

Many online file binders can be riddled with malware or produce unclean output files. This method eliminates those concerns by utilizing tools you likely already have: WinRAR and a basic VBS script. I made one example of binding two files which contains a text file and one simple C++ coded program and shown in the video here (Testing out binded files without any file binder software). Check it out, it’s clean and a very easy method. So if you are interested, stick with my blog article and read out the tutorial. Which will help you to learn how to bind any files without file binder software.

What Files Can You Bind?

The beauty of this technique lies in its versatility. You can bind practically any file combination, including:

  • .exe with .txt
  • .jpg with .txt
  • .exe with .jpg
  • Any two or more file types supported by Windows

Let’s bind two files (exe with txt)

1. Prepare the VBS Script

  • Open Notepad and paste the following script:
Set File1 = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
File1.Run ("File1.txt")
Set File2 = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
File2.Run ("File2.exe")
  • Save the script as run.vbs in the same folder as your target files.

Ensure Files are in the Same Folder

Make sure the files you want to bind are in the same folder as the script. For testing, I’ve included File1.txt (text file) and File2.exe (simple C++ coded program).

2. Edit Script for Your Files:

  • Right-click and edit run.vbs.
  • Replace “File1.txt” and “File2.exe” with the actual names of your files (including extensions).
  • You can add additional lines for binding more files (e.g., Set File3 = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") and File3.Run ("File3.jpg")).

3. Create the Binded File:

  • Select all files (including run.vbs) and right-click.
  • Choose Add to archive.
  • In the WinRAR window, check Create SFX archive and select your preferred compression method.

4. Add SFX Script & Optional Icon:

  • Go to the Comment tab and paste the following:
;The comment below contains SFX script commands
  • (Optional) For a custom icon, go to the Advanced tab and click SFX options. Under Text and icon, browse for your desired icon.
showing how to bind two files using vbscript and winRAR.

5. Bind and Enjoy!

  • Click OK to create the final binded file. This file will execute your chosen files in the specified order

That’s it! You’ve successfully learned how to bind any files without using file binder software. I hope you find this method easy, helpful, and clean.

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Bonus Resources

  • Watch the video tutorial below for a visual walkthrough:
  • Download my free icon pack for customizing your binded files: 
Binding two files without file binder software

Remember: This method is for educational purposes only. Use it responsibly and ethically.

By following these steps, you can now bind any files seamlessly without relying on potentially risky software. This FUD technique offers a clean and efficient solution for various needs. Go forth and bind responsibly!