If you’re looking to make free calls over the internet to mobile phones, you’re in the right place. In this blog article, I’ll show you how to make free calls online using an international free calling app and website (Globfone). After testing various options, I found a platform that stands out from the rest, providing not only free calls but also additional services like online SMS and web sharing, along with video chat capabilities.

Make Free International Calls Online

Before diving into making free calls online, ensure you follow the highlighted points provided by the site to guarantee a safe and spam-free experience on this international free calling website.

Why Choose Globfone?

  • Free international calls: Make calls to over 95% of mobile networks and 87% of landlines in countries like Canada, France, India, USA, and more.
  • Simple and convenient: No signup or registration is required. Just visit the website or download the app and start calling.
  • Reliable connection: Globfone utilizes advanced technology to ensure clear and stable call quality.
  • Multiple features: Beyond calls, Globfone offers free online video chat, file sharing, and even SMS messaging.

GlobFone: The Ultimate Free International Calling App/ Web

GlobFone is a free service that not only allows free international calls but also enables document sharing (P2P), quick video calls, and free text/SMS. The coverage spans over 95% of networks for calls and 87% for texts, making it one of the most extensive free SMS and calling platforms on the web.

Is GlobFone Free?

Yes, GlobFone is a genuinely free online calling website, and according to their FAQ section, there are no plans to change this. The service will remain free forever.

Free Calls Online – Limitations

To prevent abuse, there’s a limit to the number of free calls and SMS allowed from a single IP address within 24 hours. Users need to wait for another 24 hours if the limit is reached.

Ready to Make Free Calls Online?

Making free international calls online using GlobFone, a reliable and secure service.
  1. Website: Access Globfone directly through your web browser (updated browser and mic plugin recommended).
  2. App: Download the Globfone app for your mobile device for on-the-go calling.
  3. Dial and Connect: Enter the desired phone number and initiate the call. Allow microphone access if prompted.

Important Points to Remember

  • Call limits: Globfone imposes a daily limit on free calls and SMS per IP address. After exceeding the limit, you’ll need to wait 24 hours before making further calls.
  • Supported countries: While Globfone covers many countries, some may not be included yet. The team is actively working on expanding their reach.
  • Free service guarantee: Globfone assures users that their free calling service will remain available, as stated in their FAQs.

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If you encounter any issues with making free calls, try the following:

  • Verify the recipient’s country is supported by Globfone.
  • Use an updated web browser and ensure your mic plugin is functioning.
  • Check if you’ve reached the daily call limit and wait 24 hours if necessary.

Further Resources

  • Globfone website: https://globfone.com/
  • Watch a video tutorial demonstrating How to make free calls online
Make Free International Calls


This tutorial has covered everything you need to know about making free calls online using the international free online call website, GlobFone. If you encounter any issues, feel free to share your queries in the comments section, and I’ll do my best to assist you.

Make free international calls online today and break free from expensive phone bills! Globfone provides a simple and reliable solution to stay connected with friends and family across the globe, all at no cost.