With the growing use of digital content, videos have become an integral part of our daily lives. They are a powerful tool for conveying information and engaging audiences, whether it’s in the form of tutorials, vlogs, or product demonstrations. However, with this increase in video content, the need to transcribe videos into text has become more important.

Transcription of videos is important for several reasons, such as providing closed captions for accessibility and optimizing the videos for search engines. Traditional transcription methods can be time-consuming, and cumbersome, and may require the use of API keys or paying for transcription services.

To simplify the process, I’ve coded a new script to transcribe video to text. Vid2Text is a tool that utilizes the power of Google’s Cloud Speech-to-Text API to transcribe your videos with ease. With Vid2Text, you can save time and effort by quickly and accurately transcribing your videos without any hard technical steps. All the technical details also include in the blog below.  

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Converted Video to Text With Vid2Text

Transcribe Videos into Text (97.4% accurate) with Vid2Text

In video-to-text conversion, audio or video files are converted into written text. With videos being created and shared at an unprecedented rate in today’s digital world, transcribing video-to-text is becoming increasingly important. Transcribing these videos into written form is necessary to make them more accessible and searchable.

Importance of video-to-text conversion

Videos are becoming a primary source of information for individuals and businesses. The importance of video-to-text conversion lies in the fact that text is much easier to search, index, and analyze compared to a video. It also enables individuals with hearing difficulties to access the information contained in the video.

Benefits of using Vid2Text for video-to-text conversion

Vid2Text is a simple python script/ tool that offers a simple and efficient solution for converting videos into text. Some of the benefits of using Vid2Text include:

Easy to Use

Vid2Text is user-friendly and requires no technical expertise. Simply upload your video and wait for the text transcript to be generated.

High Accuracy

Vid2Text uses Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API to transcribe audio, which is highly accurate and offers a 97.4% accuracy rate.


Vid2Text offers a cost-effective solution for video-to-text conversion compared to other options on the market. It will be using Google API and it gives free credits enough for personal use. 

Fast Turnaround Time

Vid2Text can transcribe videos quickly, allowing users to get the text transcript in a matter of minutes. It uses parallel programming to create multiple chunks of audio files and then in parallel transcribe all audio files to text at the same time.

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Vid2Text – transcribing multiple audio files to text at once.

How to Use Vid2Text

Downloading the Tool

Vid2Text can be downloaded from the following link: https://github.com/Tigerzplace/Vid2Text 

Once the download is completed, extract the script and other files of the zip to a directory of your choice.

Installing Dependencies

Vid2Text requires the following dependencies to be installed:

  • ffmpeg
  • Google Cloud API key

Install ffmpeg by following the instructions for your operating system: https://www.wikihow.com/Install-FFmpeg-on-Windows

Other than the above requirements, you’ll also need to make sure you have the necessary libraries and dependencies installed. 

To install the required libraries, you can use pip and the requirements.txt file provided in the Vid2Text folder. Open the command prompt as Administrator and navigate to the directory of Vid2Text.

[pip install -r requirements.txt]

This command will install all the needed libraries, along with any other dependencies required for the script to run.

Note: Make sure you are using Python version 3.11.0. This version will make sure the requirements are installed without any issues. If you don’t have Python installed on your PC, you can download it from here: (https://www.python.org/downloads/)

Setting up Google Cloud API Key

To use the Google Cloud API, you need to create a project and obtain an API key. Follow the instructions here: https://cloud.google.com/speech-to-text/docs/before-you-begin  to create a project and obtain your API key. If you want to follow up with a video tutorial, you can get the whole method HERE

Save the API key in a file named ‘key.json’ in the same directory as the Vid2Text tool.

If you still find it hard to setup Google API and still want to use transcribe video-to-text tool, then try my other tool. VTT-Snap, it doesn’t need any API setup. 

VTT-Snap: A Simple and Fast Way to Automatically Transcribe Videos to Text

Running the Tool

Open a terminal or command prompt in the directory where you extracted the Vid2Text tool. Run the following command to transcribe a video:

[python vid2text.py path/to/video.mp4]

Replace ‘path/to/video.mp4’ with the path to your video file.

You can also specify the language of the audio in the video using the ‘-l’ or ‘–language’ option:

[python vid2text.py path/to/video.mp4 -l ‘en-US’]

Replace ‘en-US’ with the language code of the audio in the video. The default is ‘en-US’. The language code should be a supported language code for the Google Cloud Speech-To-Text API.

The transcribed text will be saved in a text file with the same name as the video in the same directory from where you run the script (Vid2Text)

How Vid2Text Works

Overview of the Process

Vid2Text uses a cloud-based solution (Google Speech-to-Text API) to transcribe videos into text. The process starts with providing the video file to the Vid2Text script. The video is then processed to extract the audio, which is split into smaller chunks for easier transcription.


Extracting Audio from Video

Vid2Text uses an audio extraction process to separate the audio from the video file. This is necessary in order to transcribe the speech contained in the video into text.

Splitting Audio into Chunks

Transcription is easier when the extracted audio is split into smaller chunks. As a result, Vid2Text is also able to transcribe videos more accurately and efficiently.

Transcribing Audio with Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API

Vid2Text transcribes audio using the Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API. This API is highly accurate, offering a 97.4% accuracy rate. In contrast, VTT-Snap is not accurate like this.

Writing the Transcripts to a Text File

Once the audio has been transcribed, the converted text from the video is then written into a text file.

Alternative Solutions Using Offline Method to Transcribe Video To Text

While Vid2Text offers a cloud-based solution for video-to-text conversion, there are also alternative solutions that use an offline method. These solutions typically involve using software to transcribe the audio into text. However, these solutions can be less accurate and require a higher level of technical expertise compared to Vid2Text. If you still want to check out, or maybe you don’t want to use Google API. Then get VTT-Snap, VTT-Snap is an open-source solution that makes video transcription a breeze. Developed by Tigerzplace.

Complete Vid2Text Process

  • The script starts by parsing the command-line arguments. It takes the path to the video file and an optional language code as input. The language code specifies the language of the audio in the video, and the default is “en-US.”
  • Next, the script defines a function to transcribe the audio using Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API. This function takes an audio file and a language code as input reads the audio content into memory, creates a speech recognition configuration with the specified encoding, sample rate, and language code, and transcribes the audio using the Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API.
  • The main function of the script, “process_video,” takes the video file and language code as input, and performs the following tasks:
  • Extract audio from the video using ffmpeg, which is a command-line tool for processing multimedia files.
  • Convert the extracted audio to mono and split it into smaller chunks using ffmpeg. This is done to improve the accuracy of the transcription and to enable parallel processing.
  • Transcribe each chunk of audio using the “transcribe_audio” function and the Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API. The script uses the ThreadPoolExecutor from the concurrent.futures library to transcribe multiple chunks of audio in parallel.
  • Write the transcriptions to a text file with the same name as the video file, but with a “.txt” extension.
  • Finally, the script removes the audio files and audio chunks, and prints a message indicating that the process is complete.

In conclusion, this script is a comprehensive solution for transcribing audio from a video file using Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API. It demonstrates the use of ffmpeg for processing multimedia files and the use of the concurrent.futures library for parallel processing.

Benefits of using Vid2Text

Increased Productivity and Time-Saving

The manual process of transcribing a video can be extremely time-consuming, especially if the video is long. Vid2Text automates the process, freeing up time that can be spent on more important tasks. The accuracy and speed of Vid2Text also make the process much more efficient compared to manual transcription, allowing for quick and accurate results.

Improved Accessibility and Readability of Video Content

Transcribing a video into text makes the content more accessible and readable for a wider audience. It allows individuals who prefer to read rather than watch a video to understand the content without having to watch it. Additionally, the text transcript can be shared more easily and with a wider audience.

Increased Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

By transcribing a video into text, the content becomes more discoverable by search engines. The text provides additional information for search engines to index, making the video more likely to appear in search results. This increases the visibility of the video and can drive more traffic to the website or platform hosting it.

Increased Accessibility for Visually Impaired Individuals

Videos can be difficult or impossible to watch for visually impaired individuals. Transcribing the video into text provides a more accessible alternative for these individuals, allowing them to understand the content without having to watch the video. This increased accessibility can help to create a more inclusive and diverse online community.



I have discussed the importance of video-to-text conversion, how Vid2Text works, and the benefits of using it in the previous sections. In the digital age, where video content has become a popular medium of communication and information sharing, video-to-text conversions are crucial. Vid2Text enables individuals and organizations to transcribe video content into text in an efficient, accurate, and cost-effective way.

Try Vid2Text for Accurate Transcriptions

It is now more important than ever to convert videos to text, whether you are a student, professional, or content creator. Vid2Text converts your videos into text with high accuracy, improved accessibility, increased search engine optimization, and enhanced accessibility for visually impaired individuals.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an effective way to transcribe your video content into text, Vid2Text is the solution you need. Try Vid2Text today and experience the benefits of accurate and efficient video-to-text conversion.

I hope you will find this tool and blog post helpful. You can download Vid2Text from here: https://github.com/Tigerzplace/Vid2Text. You can also check out the video tutorial on how to use Vid2Text to get started quickly.

Transcribe Videos into Text (97.4% accurate) with Vid2Text

Transcribe Videos into Text (97.4% accurate) with Vid2Text

If you have any questions or feedback about Vid2Text, please
feel free to leave a comment. I am always happy to help and improve the tool.