Interest of users in WhatsApp Hacks is amazing and that’s because of its huge use. This app has  400+ million active users around the world. It’s all because of WhatsApp’s fastest messenger service, some awesome features, and a user-friendly interface. WhatsApp allows you to share long/ short messages, videos, audio, images, and much more with your loved ones. With great features come huge features. WhatsApp hacks searches are on top of the social apps world. That’s why I decided to pick a good article to write and all over covering I found to cover WhatsApp Hacks and tricks.

Today I’m sharing WhatsApp Hacks and Tricks. I’ll try to cover some WhatsApp hacks like hiding the last seen feature, recovering deleted messages, setting passcode lock, changing your WhatsApp number without losing your messages, sending two images as one, and many more interesting WhatsApp hacks and tricks.

Whatsapp Hack & Tricks

How to Hide Last Seen Feature?

Mob-Tips-Tricks, Mob/Network, whatsapp hack, whatsapp secrets, whatsapp trick, whatsapp tricks, whatsapp tutorials, When you check your friend’s profile in your WhatsApp, you can see his last seen on WhatsApp this is a default setting by WhatsApp. Likewise, your friend can also check your last seen in his WhatsApp. If you don’t wanna show your last-seen details to other users, you can hide WhatsApp last seen by following the given below steps.
  • Go to Settings
  • Then select Chat Settings –> Advanced
  • Now click on Last seen and change it to Nobody

How to Recover Deleted Messages?

Mob-Tips-Tricks, Mob/Network, whatsapp hack, whatsapp secrets, whatsapp trick, whatsapp tricks, whatsapp tutorials, Sometimes we may delete the conversation or messages by mistakenly in WhatsApp. When we are in real need of them, there isn’t any way. But here I’ll show you a trick to recover deleted WhatsApp messages in Android.
  • Go to SD card –> WhatsApp –> Databases
  • Now you will find something like msgstore-2014-01-10.1.db.crypt (The date may differ on your phone)
  • Now rename the msgstore.db.crypt to backup-msgstore.db.crypt
  • Also, rename the date with the date on which the messages want to be backed up
  • Now go to Settings –> Applications –> Manage Applications –> WhatsApp and then click on the Clear Data option which will remove all the data
  • Now open WhatsApp and it will ask you whether you want to restore your backup
  • And finally, click on Restore
  • That’s it! Now your WhatsApp messages backup is successful. 🙂


How to Set Passcode Lock to Your WhatsApp?

This is another useful trick for WhatsApp users. Normally if someone takes your phone, they can check all your important WhatsApp conversations. To avoid this issue, you can set password protection to your WhatsApp by installing an app called WhatsApp Lock which is available in Play Store. These type of apps allows you to set a four-digit passcode or pattern lock to your WhatsApp, to protect your important conversations.
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Change WhatsApp Phone Number Without Losing Messages

In some cases, if you change your mobile phone number, you have to uninstall WhatsApp and then you should re-install WhatsApp with your new phone number. While doing this process, you will lose all the previous WhatsApp messages and the unsaved photos of the message.
Instead of doing this, you can follow this simple trick to avoid all your WhatsApp messages getting deleted. Go to
how to not lose messages while changing phone number,change phone number whatsapp , whatsapp hack
Whatsapp Hack & Tricks
  • WhatsApp –> Settings –> Account –> Change Number
  • Here you have to type both your old and new numbers on WhatsApp and save the changes
  • That it! Now WhatsApp will send you a verification message to activate your current WhatsApp account with the new number.

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How to Run Multiple WhatsApp accounts on Android?

how to not lose messages while changing phone number,change phone number whatsapp , whatsapp hackThis is one of the most useful tricks for all Android users who are using dual sim support smartphones. Normally if you use a dual sim phone, you have to create two separate WhatsApp accounts for both the sim cards. But if you install the SwitchMe Multiple Accounts app on your Android.
Download link : SwtichMe Multiple Account Whatsapp

You can manage both the sim numbers in a single WhatsApp account.

This app allows you to create separate user profiles on your phone including different accounts, system settings, etc.. After the installation completes, open the SwitchMe app create a new user profile, and then shift to this user profile and you will be able to connect your WhatsApp to another sim number.

How to Hide Your WhatsApp Profile Picture?

This trick is something related to your privacy on WhatsApp. The profile picture of any social network account can make it easier to recognize you by others. If you want to hide your WhatsApp profile picture for privacy purposes, you can,
  • Go to Settings –> Account –> Privacy –> Profile Photo
  • Now change it to Nobody
how to not lose messages while changing phone number,change phone number whatsapp , whatsapp hack

How to Transfer Your Current WhatsApp Conversations to a New Mobile Phone?

Android introduces new smartphones with the latest technology at regular intervals. As technology grows up, people upgrade their smartphone to new ones. If you have also changed to a new smartphone recently and if you don’t wanna lose WhatsApp conversations, then this trick is for you. There is a trick available in Android to transfer your current WhatsApp conversations to a new smartphone. Follow the given below steps to do this.
  • Move WhatsApp to an SD card. If you have already installed an SD card, skip this step
  • Now remove the SD card and connect it to the computer
  • Copy all the files from the WhatsApp database folder to the computer
  • Now install WhatsApp on your new smartphone
  • Now replace the new smartphone’s WhatsApp databases folder with the previously saved WhatsApp databases folder, which has already been copied into your computer
That’s all! Now restart the app once and you will find your old WhatsApp conversations on a new smartphone.

How to Stop Automatic Multimedia Content Download?

When your friend sends any multimedia content to your WhatsApp, the content gets downloaded automatically into your phone. This is the default setting of WhatsApp. But we can change this auto-download multimedia content to manual download in the latest version of WhatsApp. This update in WhatsApp will save your phone credit balance from downloading unwanted multimedia content. To change the setting to manual download,
  • Go to WhatsApp Settings –> Chat Settings –> Media auto-download
  • Now uncheck all the options named ‘When using mobile data’, ‘when connected on WiFi’, ‘When roaming’
That’s all! Now you have successfully disabled the ‘auto download multimedia content’ concept in your WhatsApp.

Track Your WhatsApp Statistics So Far

Whatsapp detail tracing, whatsapp detail view, whatsapp hackWhatsApp is an amazing messenger network that supports all smartphones. People are addicted to WhatsApp without any age difference. Here I’ll introduce you to a cool app called WhatStat which can track your addiction to WhatsApp in a graphical chart.

WhatsApp app can display your WhatsApp statistics such as the total number of online times, the number of messages received, and much more interesting information about your WhatsApp usage in a graphical chart.


Final Words

You Can Find Several Hundreds of WhatsApp hacks and tricks on the web. But in this post, I have mentioned only the one I think is the best and secret  Whatsapp Hack & Tricks, I hope you will find this post very helpful and updated. Keep in touch with Tigerzplace for more upcoming tricks and tutorials.