Start to rank YouTube videos with YouTube SEO factors and this smart seo tool which will help you to get high ranked tags for your videos to rank high on YouTube fast.

Yup, you got it right in this article I’ll be sharing a tutorial with you guys showing a method that I used to rank youtube videos. It includes some YouTube SEO tips but making the process more tricky and fast we will be using TubeRank Jeet 2 Full Version.

NOTE: This method isn’t about how you can rank YouTube videos it might help you as well but to make it straight I want to mention that it’s just a method that I usually use to rank videos on YouTube.

How I Rank YouTube Videos — [YouTube SEO Tool] 

To start with YouTube SEO and ranking a YouTube video you need to focus on 3 things here. But before that make sure you search for your keyword, so for that you can use YouTube search result or keyword research tool in the SEO section. I’ll recommend YouTube search result to be the best choice. It will give you very good relevant search results which you can pick for your video as well.

For instance, let say I am making a tutorial about ranking YouTube video but don’t know about it the search volume and have no idea what should be the title for my video. So far that you only need to go to and in the search area type the keyword. Let say for this tutorial I’ll try to start searching by rank as a keyword, as soon as I typed this it brings me up with the proper whole keyword which is most searched on YouTube.  Like you can see below in the screenshot.

Now if you look at the result you will get a whole big bunch of ideas about what should be the ranked title for your video. The title on top “Rank YouTube Videos” is the most search term for this case, it’s easy the more on top the high its search volume is.

NOTE:But hey picking highly competitive keywords are not recommended.

If your channel is not much older or we can say if you are a beginner with less number of subscribers then I strongly recommend altering your keyword with some long-tail keywords like: “How to rank videos on YouTube fast ” or something like that which have low competition rate. And btw if you are curious you gonna find the competition rate so don’t worry for right now I’ll be showing that using TubeRank Jeet 2 but for just test purposes you can check out overall detail for a keyword using I’ll list the video below as well for the whole process but it’s easy you only need to login to your VidIQ account and in the upper tab, you will see a search SEO tab just click that and you will have a whole new page of keyword research, there type your keyword and it will bring up the whole result for the specific keyword.

I hope I made it really simple clear so far, that was not the part for ranking YouTube videos but for you guys, I stretched it out so you can get an idea of keyword research you can say its a little YouTube SEO tip. Anyhow, let’s jump to the real stuff about how you can rank YouTube videos.

How I Rank YouTube Videos — [YouTube SEO Tool]

After getting enough about your keyword and you wanna start to rank YouTube videos for it, So here are the things how you can well optimize your YouTube video or you can say how to do YouTube SEO for video.

YouTube SEO TIPS :

  1. Include your keyword in the title
  2. Include your keyword in the description
    • Please add the keyword in the description
    • Make sure your description is long enough to make a descriptive overview of your video.
    • Add a link to your website/Facebook page in the description.
    • Ask the viewer to subscribe to your channel in the description.
  3. Include your keyword in your tags.
  4. And last you need to have a good custom thumbnail for YouTube ( btw I forgot this in the video )

Now if we look for the manual YouTube SEO and consider these above all terms we will need to do YouTube SEO like this :

Manual Research Method (SEO)

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Not only these steps after covering the above section you will also need to do follow steps as well :

  • Write SEO Optimized Title or you can say picking the right title for better SEO
  • Create Perfect Description
  • Get Right tags (Most suitable and ranked tags)

Now think for a sec !!! how hard it is to come through all these steps. That’s why I choose to use TubeRank Jeet 2. You can have a lot of features if you get TubeRank Jeet 2 Full Version. And as said I’ll be showing to rank YouTube videos including YouTube SEO and SEO tool. So TubeRank Jeet 2 is the SEO tool I was talking about which I used to do YouTube SEO and it helps a lot to rank YouTube videos

So as always, I want to share this method so that I recommend using TubeRank Jeet to make the process faster. It will guide you on what to do for making better SEO of your YouTube videos so you can rank YouTube videos higher very fast. Ok so let’s start ranking YouTube video using TubeRank Jeet 2

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How I Rank YouTube Videos — [YouTube SEO Tool]

  • First, make sure you download tube rank jeet 2 full version:  
  • After installation, open the tool and type your keyword in the search term and click go.
  • On getting the result click analysis but before that make sure you check the competition rate below. As I said earlier not rank for a keyword with higher competition if you are a beginner.
  • Now click on the analysis section start adding the contents in the title, description, and tags section.
  • As mentioned early the YouTube SEO tips here you need to do that but it’s much easier !!!! because the tool will list below what you need to do and other than that it will list the highly ranked tags from your competitors and highly searched keywords. So you don’t need to worry about tags research.
  • Other than this you can also analyze competitor’s videos just by clicking the video listed there on top.
  • If you notice the score is 51% and below that the tool is mentioning all the required steps to do for better video SEO or you can say YouTube SEO I guess 😉 
  • So completely all the mentioned steps just click get my score, if it’s 92+ you are good to go. Here is my case, I got 96%.
  • After getting a good score you are good to go now. Just start uploading your video on YouTube and copy the contents from here which is well-optimized SEO for your YouTube video. After adding all the contents like title, descriptions, and tags you can say you publish your video.
  • But one last thing makes sure you use a good category for your video, so you can have a better chance for suggesting video, and other than that don’t forget to use CUSTOM THUMBNAIL for your YouTube video as that’s the last most important thing to do for ranking YouTube video. 

That’s all you need to do for ranking YouTube videos. I hope I did my best for guys to have the method as simple and perfectly working for YouTube video ranking as you can.

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How I Rank YouTube Videos — [YouTube SEO Tool]

How I Rank YouTube Videos — [YouTube SEO Tool]