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Who am I?

Greetings, my name is Ñasir Ali and I am a skilled programmer and Cyber Security Expert based in Pakistan. With a strong background in web development, ethical hacking, and penetration testing, I am well-equipped to tackle complex technical challenges in the cybersecurity field. In addition to my expertise in cyber security, I also have skills in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content creation, including blogging and producing engaging YouTube tutorials. I am proficient in Microsoft Office applications, WordPress, and cryptography, and I am committed to staying up-to-date with the latest technology and hacking news to educate and inform others.

I try my best to share the updated and unique content. And that’s why I prefer quality over quantity, so yeah, you might find me a kind of lazy person, but believe me, I’ll post something unique and working for sure.

Little History Touch

I grabbed this name back in 2009 and published my first-ever site using Yola. At that time, I didn’t know about how this worked and all this SEO stuff, but I was just excited to have a site online :D. Anyway, it’s a long story of how I came across all the struggles and found myself tech-savvy. At first, I just published stuff whether it worked or not, whether it was free to share or not: p. But later on, grabbing some more stuff on a higher level dragged me to a place to start from scratch with my content, and that’s now where I am. You might find the site a little outdated sometimes, but that’s the rarest case of all (but hey, consider my excuse: I am a one-man army trying to manage many things + my studies). I’ll update it as much as I can. Other than this, the whole cycle of this site is now revolving around my content. I create software, make a tutorial on it, how to use it, and upload it on my channel. And then share that software on my site, so in this way, most of the content will be late to be found here, but the fact is that it will be unique for sure, and that’s why I mentioned earlier that you’ll find me too lazy to be in touch with regular uploads, but hey, just stick with me if you don’t want rapid content but rather unique and working content;). I’ll try to make this blog unique with evergreen content as much as I can.

So that was a little bit about this blog and me. I can highlight many more interesting and helpful points that I have experienced so far in my blogging track, but hey, it’s so hard for me to write, but don’t worry, I’ll make this page the most helpful and interesting of all by including all the stuff A-Z that I have encountered so far in my internet surfing. For now, just sticking with the basics can help, I to let you know about Tigerzplace 😉