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Guest Posts & Business Inquiries

Welcome to Tigerzplace, a platform that covers a wide range of topics including Games, Software, and Tutorials related to Earning, Social Media, the Internet, and articles/ news about CyberSpace. We’re always open to new ideas and collaborations.

Guest Posts

We welcome guest posts that align with our niche. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Content: The post must be well-written, SEO-optimized, and relevant to our niche.
  2. Originality: The content must be original and not published elsewhere.
  3. Length: The post should be of a suitable length, typically between 1800-4500 words.
  4. Links: We allow a reasonable number of do-follow and no-follow links in the content. However, we reserve the right to add rel=“nofollow” to any link or remove a link that we deem inappropriate.

Before you submit your guest post, take a moment to explore some sample articles that exemplify what we’re looking for:

Guest Post Samples

  1. Title: “Top 10 Mobile Apps for Productivity in 2024”
    • Category: Software
    • Tags: Mobile Apps, Productivity, Top 10
    • Focus Keyword: Productivity Mobile Apps
    • Meta Description: Discover the top 10 mobile apps for boosting productivity in 2024. Enhance your efficiency with Tigerzplace.
    • Image Alt Tags: Productivity mobile apps, Top 10 apps
  2. Title: “The Rise of E-Sports: A Look into the Future of Gaming”
    • Category: Games
    • Tags: E-Sports, Gaming, Future
    • Focus Keyword: Future of E-Sports
    • Meta Description: Explore the rise of E-Sports and what the future holds for gaming. Stay ahead of the game with Tigerzplace.
    • Image Alt Tags: E-Sports future, Rise of gaming
  3. Title: “Demystifying Cryptocurrency: A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Assets”
    • Category: Earning
    • Tags: Cryptocurrency, Guide, Digital Assets
    • Focus Keyword: Understanding Cryptocurrency
    • Meta Description: Get a solid understanding of cryptocurrency with our beginner’s guide. Dive into the world of digital assets with Tigerzplace.
    • Image(s) Alt Tags: Understanding cryptocurrency, Digital Assets

Remember, these are just examples. We encourage you to get creative and bring your unique voice and expertise to the table. Once you’ve crafted your guest post proposal, please submit it to us at with a subject including this word as a must [Guest Post]. We’ll review your submission carefully and get back to you within 4-7 business days.

P.S. To make the publishing process fast, please ensure your guest post includes complete info mentioned in the above samples along with high-quality images with relevant alt tags.

Guest Post Prices

The pricing for a guest post on Tigerzplace is intricately determined by various factors, including the content’s quality, relevance to our engaged audience, and the potential traffic it can attract. Our website, Tigerzplace, boasts a robust presence in the technology niche, garnering substantial impressions and clicks over the past three months. Here’s a snapshot of our website’s performance in the last quarter:

  • Total Clicks: 3.98K
  • Total Impressions: 61.6K
  • Average CTR (Click-Through Rate): 6.5%
  • Average Position in Search Results: 33.3

This data underscores the loyalty of our readership actively seeking content within our core niche areas: Games, Software, Earning, Social Media, the Internet, and CyberSpace.

Tier 1: Targeted Reach ($20) – No-Follow Links

  • Ideal For: Content aligning with our core categories with the potential to drive moderate traffic.
  • Suitable For: Promoting relevant products, and services, or building brand awareness within our niche audience.
  • Link Policy: Includes no-follow links.

Tier 2: High-Impact Visibility ($30) – Do-Follow Links

  • Ideal For: High-quality, SEO-optimized content highly relevant to our audience with significant traffic potential.
  • Suitable For: In-depth thought leadership pieces, driving targeted leads, and maximizing brand exposure.
  • Link Policy: Includes do-follow links.

Note: As of the current date (January 26, 2024), our site is undergoing maintenance. The rates mentioned below are applicable at this moment and may change post-optimization.

Turnaround Time

Once a guest post is submitted and approved, we ensure a prompt turnaround time, with posts typically going live within a week.

Business Inquiries

For business inquiries or collaborations only, please get in touch with us at We’re always open to new opportunities and partnerships.

Contact Us

For any other questions or information, feel free to reach out to us through our Contact Page.

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