Want to have a simple Facebook Auto Poster?. In this blog post, I am going to share Best Facebook Auto Poster with you guys which can help you to post in multiple Facebook groups at once automatically. It will help you to Auto-post to Facebook groups in 1 Click. It’s safe and working 100%.

I have already shared video tutorials for multigroup posters and one Facebook Auto Poster of TFF Premium v4.1.7 which still works but might lack some features. I used the same concept with many more features and made a new simple Chrome extension to post to multiple Facebook groups at once — the name of the extension is Facebook Auto Poster Extension. This auto poster is safe and another permanent source of multiple groups posting for Facebook (FB multi-poster for groups actually). Using this Facebook auto poster you can automate Facebook posts in multiple Facebook groups at once, additionally, you can skip some of the groups if you don’t want to post in those groups automatically. It is the best tool to get traffic from Facebook by posting in all Facebook groups all at once with only 1 click. So if you are interested, stay tuned! & readout carefully to understand completely how to use Facebook Auto Poster to post automatically in all Facebook groups at once with only one click!

Facebook Auto Poster Extension 2024

Facebook Auto Poster is a Chrome Extension and it is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. Simply install the extension on your Google Chrome browser (or any other browser you want), and you’ll be ready to start automating your Facebook posts. My tool integrates seamlessly with Facebook, allowing you to create and share posts directly from your logged Facebook account.

Key Features:

  • Safe and Secure: No need to provide a token or credential, just open the extension and it will detect your logged account automatically.
  • Regular Updates: Enjoy continuous improvements and new features with frequent updates.
  • Dynamic Wait Times: Mimic natural posting behavior with randomized wait times between posts, preventing spam flags.
  • Multiple Posts Feature: Craft and share diverse content by composing and publishing multiple posts simultaneously.
  • User-Friendly Interface: No technical knowledge is required! The intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to use.
  • Effortless Multi-Group Posting: Publish posts to all your joined Facebook groups with just a few clicks.

Why choose this extension of Facebook Auto Poster?

One of the biggest advantages of our tool is its user-friendly interface. You don’t need any technical knowledge or coding skills to use it – simply install the extension on your Google Chrome browser, and you’re ready to start automating your Facebook posts. Our extension integrates seamlessly with Facebook, allowing you to create and schedule posts directly from your Facebook page. There are plenty of other social media management tools out there, but our Facebook Auto-Poster Chrome Extension is the latest version it was updated in Feb 2023 and offers a range of benefits that set it apart from the competition. Here are just a few reasons to choose our tool:

  • Saves time: By automating your Facebook posts, you can save time and focus on other important tasks.
  • Affordable: My tool is priced competitively, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. Currently, you can get 6-month and 1-year licenses at very low prices of $10 and $15 respectively.
  • Easy to use: My tool is incredibly user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to automate their Facebook posts. No need to add a token, or make an account just add the extension to your browser and you are good to go.
  • Customizable: With a range of customization options, you can tailor your posts to your brand and your audience. Even a safety (kind of bypassing) check is included so that you can also randomize your posts to avoid being flagged.
  • Improves engagement: By posting consistently and regularly, you can improve engagement on your Facebook page and build a larger audience. It’s very effective and less costly instead of running an ads campaign. 
Facebook Auto Poster Extension Front-End

In addition to its powerful automation and reporting features, our Facebook Auto-Poster is also incredibly reliable and secure. I take data privacy very seriously, and my tool is designed with robust security features to ensure that your information remains safe and secure at all times. The poster doesn’t need any user token, credential, or info from the users’ side, all the data is still on your side and the poster just uses the currently logged session to post to all selected Facebook groups. 

My tool has already helped countless businesses, users, digital marketers, and especially affiliate marketers improve their social media strategy and grow their online presence. Don’t get left behind – try the Facebook Auto-Poster Chrome Extension by Tigerzplace today! As mentioned above, you get regular updates as well. For instance, the new updates regarding Dynamic Wait Times and Multiple Posts Feature were added in v1.4.6 and will be supported in later versions. Below are the details of these updates, which are incredibly helpful and added new hype to make the posting more secure.

New features and updates included in Facebook Auto Poster

1. Multiple Posts Feature Included (June 2023)

Introducing the Multiple Posts Feature for our Facebook Auto Poster extension. Now, you can elevate your posting capabilities by composing and publishing multiple posts simultaneously using separate text areas. This cutting-edge enhancement revolutionizes your posting experience, providing enhanced flexibility and efficiency. With the ability to create distinct posts, you can engage with different target audiences and diversify your content strategy effortlessly. By reducing the risk of spam flags, this feature ensures that your posts reach a wider audience organically. For optimal account safety, we recommend incorporating a wait time of 15+ seconds between each post. 

With the Multiple Posts Feature, you now have the power to compose and publish multiple posts simultaneously using separate text areas. This groundbreaking enhancement not only allows for greater flexibility and efficiency but also reduces the chances of your posts being flagged as spam. It’s more like random posts feature, it still only posts 1 post per group but picks 1 post at random from the ones you provide.

Upgrade to the latest version of our extension and unlock the power of multiple posts for unparalleled productivity and effectiveness. Check the demo video here.

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2. Dynamic Wait Time and Post via Page (Aug 2023)

I am excited to announce a significant update to the Facebook Auto Poster tool, designed to enhance your posting experience with greater flexibility and functionality. With these new features, your automation tasks will become even more efficient and natural.

i. Dynamic Wait Time

In response to user feedback and to better emulate human posting behavior, we have introduced the dynamic wait time feature. This powerful addition allows you to select a time range for your posting intervals, rather than being constrained to a fixed wait time.

How it Works:

  • Fixed Wait Time: If you prefer consistency in your posting schedule, don’t worry! You can still opt for a fixed wait time by selecting your desired duration. The auto poster will adhere to this chosen interval consistently.
  • Dynamic Wait Time: The real game-changer! Now, you can select a time range within which the auto poster will operate. When you enable this feature, the auto poster will intelligently randomize the wait time for each post, making your automation actions appear more natural and unpredictable, just like a human user.

An Example Scenario: Imagine you’re automating posts on a social media platform. Previously, you had to stick with a rigid, fixed wait time between each post. However, with our new dynamic wait time feature, you can choose a range, say 3 to 20 minutes. Now, each time you make a post, the auto poster will randomly select a wait time within this range. This adds an element of spontaneity to your posts, making them appear more human-like and less robotic.

ii. Page Posting Capability

Another exciting addition to our auto poster is the ability to post through pages. Now, whether you’re logged in as an individual profile or a page on Facebook, the auto poster will seamlessly detect your login status. If you’re logged in as a page, you’ll have the option to post content directly from that page. This simplifies the posting process and allows for more versatile posting strategies.

With these updates, we’ve not only made the code more concise and readable but also empowered you with the tools to create a truly dynamic and human-like posting experience. Say goodbye to rigid schedules and limited posting options!

Automatically post to multiple Facebook groups at once with the latest and updated Facebook Auto Poster

To post automatically in all Facebook groups using this FB Poster, you will need to install Facebook Auto Poster – Chrome Extension by Tigerzplace. I’m leaving the download link below.

Facebook Auto Poster 2024

download Facebook Auto Poster Chrome Extension By Tigerzplace

Facebook Auto Poster – Chrome Extension | by Tigerzplace

Try this link if the above download doesn’t work for you ► Alt Download Link

Once you get the Facebook Auto Poster Chrome Extension. Install it, you can find instructions for installing the FAP Chrome Extension, below.

How to install Facebook Auto Poster – Chrome Extension

  1. Unzip the Downloaded Folder: Ensure you have unzipped the downloaded folder to access its contents.
    • I recommend downloading it from GitHub so that you get the latest version which is currently v1.4.9.6 by the time I update this blog article (21 Feb, 2024)
  2. Open Browser: Launch your Chrome browser or Brave, Opera and even Edge are supported.
  3. Go to Extensions: Navigate to the “Extensions” page by clicking on the three dots in the top-right corner of the browser. Choose “More tools” and then select “Extensions.” OR you can use a direct URL as well: chrome://extensions/
  4. Enable Developer Mode: At the top of the Extensions page, check the box labeled “Developer mode.”
  5. Load Unpacked Extension: Once Developer mode is enabled, you will see additional options. Click on the “Load unpacked” button.
  6. Select FAP Folder: A file dialog will appear. Navigate to the folder where you unzipped the FAP files, and select the folder.
  7. Confirm Installation: Click “Select Folder” to confirm and load the extension.
  8. Verify Installation: You should now see the FAP extension listed on the Extensions page.
  9. Buy License for FAP: The last thing is to activate your license by going to the license tab and clicking “Check License“.

That’s it! The FAP extension should be successfully installed in your Chrome browser. If you didn’t get the above method, watch this video on how I have added the extension to my browser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NakfB4KxF_E

Buy a License for Facebook Auto Poster

For license activation, you can use this URL (https://streamlabs.com/tigerzplacecom/tip) fill out the form, and leave the Tool name, license type, and extension ID in the donation msg box. Once done with the form click donate to proceed with PayPal or Credit Card (If you don’t have any payment method listed there, you can leave your message to get another payment method like cryptocurrency, bank transfer, Easypaisa, etc.). After completing the payment your license will be activated, usually, I activate it within 24 hours. Once your license is activated, you can go to your license tab and click “Check License” again, this time you will get a License activated msg.

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You can also get the extension ID from the extension tab: chrome://extensions/.

NOTE: Don’t change the folder name of the tool from where you loaded your extension, Once payment is done your license will be activated for that extension ID which means your license will work on the same PC for multiple browsers. But if you try to install it on another device, it won’t work. Even if you delete your extension and install it again maybe from a different drive, in that case, the license will also not work. However, if you changed your PC and want to replace your current license with the new one, then you can provide your previous extension ID and the new one. I’ll update the extension license for the new ID. Make sure to keep your extension ID saved once you pay for your license. You can ask for an additional query on my Facebook page: fb.com/Tigerzplace or comment down below.

Currently, FAP 2024 has two types of licenses.

Before buying a license make sure to know that it’s only for desktop browsers. Some users ask for a Facebook auto poster apk file for mobile devices but this poster is not for mobile browsers. Secondly, you can’t directly post pictures using this poster like you can’t upload pictures and share directly using the poster. However, there is an alternate method for sharing pictures/ videos using this Facebook Poster. You can find detailed descriptions of the method in the FAQs section in the last with other related questions and answers about the auto poster, for users. 

How to post on Facebook groups all at once

Now as you got your auto poster for Facebook, it’s time to show you how to post on Facebook groups using the Facebook Auto Poster tool, if you are a user of Toolkit For Facebook you might know how to use this simple Facebook auto poster but as this is latest Facebook Auto Poster with many new and better features than TFF Auto Poster, so I’ll show automated Facebook posting method using FAP 2024 below.

Steps to post in multiple Facebook Groups:

  • Once your Facebook poster is ready, click on the FB Auto Poster icon in the right top corner. After getting Auto Poster Chrome Extension for Facebook. Click “Load Groups” to get all your joined groups on Facebook. If you aren’t logged into your Facebook account you will not get that button, make sure to log in to your Facebook account from which you want to post in multiple Facebook groups. 
  • After all, in group listing, you have to set a time interval for posting. It’s just the time to wait between posting. I’ll recommend setting it to 1-4 minutes for safe use and if your account is verified in the sense that you post regularly and too much like you can say kinda active account then you can use 10-40 seconds as well. 
  • The next thing is the box where you have to type or paste your link and post whatever you want to share but keep in mind that before posting any link make sure you check it on Facebook manually. I mean if your post contains some links then first share the same post manually to Facebook and if it goes well then you can use Facebook auto poster otherwise don’t use it or your account will be blocked temporarily or maybe some other blocking limit can be done so be careful with that. For example, adfly links are not allowed to be shared on Facebook, The same with the case for such domains that are not allowed to share so don’t use the auto poster to share those links. I already gave you how you can verify whether your post is good or not, Once you are good with your post just paste the post in the box.
  • You will also get the Random Post option, by default it’s set to YES meaning that you will get the multiple post feature, this makes every post different to avoid blocking (this is something I came up with and is not for sure that you will bypass FB filter system). You can check the demo here: https://youtu.be/Xx3vaqMPdVs.
  • The last thing is to select the groups in which you want to post. If you want to post in all joined groups then you can select all but it’s also risky if there are too many groups. Make sure you keep things clean and safe. Don’t spam the tool or groups, it can be bad for your account so be careful with that as well.

How I use Facebook Auto Poster, safely?

I use targeted groups, in my case, I was posting in only Facebook-related groups, so I’ll search for groups that contain Facebook and will select only those groups.  Which I did in my video tutorial as well. It’s up to you how you want to use Facebook Auto Poster, to post in all Facebook groups or just post in targeted groups with keywords using the search bar. Once you are all done with the time interval, your post, and selecting groups all you need is to click “Start Posting“. Facebook Auto Poster will be posted in all selected Facebook groups automatically. You can check out the logs as well for success and error reporting, also click on the log link which will show you the post that is shared with that specific group. For my case Facebook Auto Poster, the Chrome extension v1.0 worked fine and safely which resulted in sharing my post in all selected Facebook groups, It’s like getting automated Facebook posting using a simple multigroup Facebook poster.

If you need to know something more about Facebook Auto Poster 2024 or something else like how to automate Facebook posts in Facebook groups, let me know in the comment section. That’s it for this blog post (Facebook Auto Poster Chrome Extension | by Tigerzplace). 

Additional Tips:

  • Monitor Performance: Track your results and adjust your strategy for optimal outcomes.
  • Target Specific Groups: Utilize the search bar to focus your posts on relevant groups for better engagement.
  • Comply with Community Guidelines: Avoid posting prohibited content to protect your account.
Multiple Posts Feature in Facebook Auto Poster


Q: Can I get a refund?

A: Refunds are offered within 3 days of purchase if you’re unsatisfied.


Q: How long does the license last?

A: Choose between 6-month and 1-year licenses, with renewal options available.

Details: Currently, the FAP and onward versions of any tools will have two types of licenses. However, the prices may change in the future.

Get more details and users’ feedback on a FB post here: (20+) Tigerzplace – How to buy a license for extensions by Tigerzplace…. | Facebook


Q: How can I share photos and videos?

A: While direct upload isn’t available, you can share link posts that reference your Facebook timeline or page content containing the desired media. In future updates, I’ll try to add a direct upload feature so users can easily share photos/ videos via the poster as well.

Details: You can’t directly share pictures or videos by uploading them to the poster and then sharing them in multiple Facebook groups. However, there is one alternative method for it which I use as well. What you need is to upload your picture/ video which you want to share in multiple groups, to your timeline or page. Then copy the link location of that post and use that link in your auto-poster post. In this way, the link will fetch a preview from the original post and the auto poster will post it in multiple groups for you. 

For example, imagine I want to share a post about the automated Facebook posts tool, but I also want to include a picture of the tool. Instead of directly posting it, I upload the picture to my page. Then, I copy the link to that post and use it in the auto poster to share in multiple Facebook groups.

Testing new FAP 2024 ~ by Tigerzplace


Using the above description in the auto poster will get my work done with the picture as well. You can watch this video for more details about this method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUi880N_fQU


Q: Why won’t my license work on a new device or even when I reinstall it on the same PC?

A: Licenses are tied to specific installation IDs for only one device. Contact the developer for assistance if needed.

Details: Remember, don’t rename the folder where you installed the tool. Once you’ve paid, your license will be linked to that specific installation. This means you can use the tool on the same computer with different browsers. However, if you attempt to utilize it on another device or reinstall it from a separate folder on the same device, the license will not work. If you get a new computer and need to transfer your license, just provide both your old and new extension IDs. Keep your extension ID safe after purchase. For any questions, you can reach out to me on my Facebook page at fb.com/Tigerzplace or leave a comment below.



The best Facebook Auto Poster Chrome Extension in 2024 is an invaluable tool for anyone managing multiple Facebook groups. Empowering you with its user-friendly interface, robust features, and dedication to safety and updates. It helps you save time, broaden your reach, and accomplish your social media marketing objectives. Start automating your Facebook group posting today and watch your engagement soar!