AoA 🙂 Hi there Tigerz! Looking to enhance your Facebook engagement effortlessly? In this blog post, I’ll introduce you to the easy Facebook Auto Poster that enables you to post in multiple FB groups, all with just one click. It pretty much will help you to Auto Post In All Facebook Groups with 1 Click. It’s safe and working 100%. Let’s dive in!

I have already shared a video tutorial for one other method for the same tool which still works but most users can’t get the toolkit for Facebook. I updated the toolkit for FB by plugEx with license key so thought to make a new video for Auto Poster as well. This auto poster is safe and another source of FB multi poster for groups. Using this poster you can post to Facebook groups at once, additionally, you can skip some of the groups if you don’t want to post in those groups automatically.

Maximize Facebook Engagement with the Auto Poster Tool

To post automatically in all Facebook groups using Facebook Auto Poster you will need to install a toolkit for Facebook. I’m leaving the download link below.

(Toolkit for Facebook)

Toolkit for Facebook with License Key | by Tigerzplace

Try this link if the above download doesn’t work for you ► MediaFire Download Link

Once you get this toolkit. Install it, you can find instructions for installing the toolkit, in a downloaded file with a video link as well or you can jump to my other blog post where I published instructions and license key of the toolkit for Facebook. Anyway, once you are all done. If you want a toolkit for the Facebook Android version, then go to the download link and shift to the latest version, in that folder go to the Android folder and you will get android supported zip or crx files for the Kiwi browser/ or any Android/ smart phone browsers. Download:  Link

Utilizing the Facebook Auto Poster in TFF

  • Once you’ve successfully installed the toolkit, open and access the toolkit. Look for the Facebook Auto Poster, also known as “Post on all joined groups,” within the toolkit interface. Click on “Start Tool” to activate the auto poster.
  • Configure the time interval for posting, ensuring a safe and steady pace. I recommend setting it between 10-20 seconds for optimal results, although you can adjust it based on your account activity. Next, input your post content or link into the designated message box. Prioritize posting links that have been manually verified on Facebook to avoid any potential issues.
  • Lastly, select the groups in which you wish to post. Exercise caution to avoid spamming groups excessively, as this may lead to account penalties. Consider targeting specific groups relevant to your content for better engagement and results.

I use targeted groups for me I am posting in only Facebook-related groups, so I’ll search for groups that contain Facebook and select only those groups.  Which I did in my video tutorial as well. It’s up to you how you want to use Facebook Auto Poster, to post in all Facebook groups or just post in targeted groups with keywords. Once you are all done with the time interval, your post, and selecting groups now all you need is to click “Submit. Facebook Auto Poster will be posted in all Facebook groups automatically. You can check out the logs as well for success and error reporting, also click on the log link which will show you the post that is shared with that specific group. For my case, Facebook Auto Poster 2023 worked fine and safely which resulted in sharing my post in all selected Facebook groups.

If you need to know something more about Facebook Auto Poster or something else about automatic posting in Facebook groups, let me know in the comment section. Well, that’s it for this blog post. I am logging out but before that make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Thanks ♥

Facebook Auto Poster – TFF v1.4.7

[NEW] – Facebook Auto Poster | Chrome Extension

The TFF based auto poster is limited when it comes to maximum group posting. If you want to post to unlimited groups even if you have 1K+ groups then I recommend to use the new Auto Poster Extension.


By utilizing safe and effective Facebook auto-posting tools and following best practices, you can streamline your social media workflow and increase engagement in your targeted groups. Remember, automation should complement your overall strategy, not replace genuine interaction with your audience.